mosel - River - canvas


germany´s first heritage & Nature Glam Camp


reconnect to your childhood´s dream and experience the first Heritage & Nature Glam Camp

Your original Safari Tent hosts you between two historical villas directly on the riverbank of the Mosel

- no artificial ingredients -

just cultural heritage and nature

Camping offers relaxation in nature without a long journey. Ideal for the Corona period. But many think immediately of air mattresses, sleeping bags, canned ravioli and precarious hygiene conditions - not very charming. Traben-Trarbach on the Moselle, for example, shows that there is another way. The Heritage & Nature Glam Camp offers a lot of comfort and nice extras.


Fotos: Larissa Loges (dpa)

Moselglamping in Glamping - Guides

Glamping (Guide to the most exiting glamping destinations in Europe)

Glamorous Camping in the Great Outdoors 

Julia Schattauer (Autor)

Book | Hardcover

192 Pages, 2023

Schiffer Publishing Ltd (Verlag)

978-0-7643-6600-0 (ISBN)

Experience the natural beauty and luxury of "glamorous camping" featuring the best glamping locations throughout Europe.

Experience the stunning natural beauty and indulgent luxury of "glamorous camping" in this book featuring the best and most-beautiful glamping locations throughout Europe. Have the best of both worlds: an outdoorsy, authentic blend of camping in the wild and the glamorous comforts of a swanky, serene hotel. That is "glamping" -- glamorous camping -- a growing and highly sought-after form of travel. It's perfect for those who want to be close to nature, who love to wake up to birdsong and seek solace in the scents of the forest, but who dont want the cramped tents, pesky bugs, aching backs, and communal showers of the camping sites of yore. Glamping gives readers the most-amazing glamping destinations in Europe for planning their next nature-inspired (yet comfortable!) getaway. 

 We are pleased to be included in the circle of 60 outstanding glamping destinations in Europe.


The author Julia Schattauer has turned her two passions into a profession: writing and traveling. Even if, as a globetrotter, she has been driven to faraway corners and has not just lost her heart to Asia, she appreciates traveling on her doorstep. As a native of the Palatinate, who studied in Munich and lived in Berlin, she has already discovered some of Germany's pearls. And more and more are added. As a freelance writer, Julia writes for magazines and on her blog »Bezirzt« about small adventures nearby, or she shares stories from all over the world.


"Glamping can mean a lot and in the end it is always what you make of it"

Julia Schattauer


The book content:

Make your childhood dream come true and spend the night in a tree house? The new travel trend glamping makes it possible! Back to nature, but completely relaxed and with comfort. Get a teepee in the Irish oak forest with an open-air bathtub, marvel at the northern lights from a pod in the Lappish wilderness or feast on culinary delicacies in a wine barrel in Portugal. Enjoyable adventures to switch off and relax.

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