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You are in your own garden section in an exclusive, secluded location - without additional tents. We are proud not to be a campsite.

On request, you can take advantage of additional services such as personal culinary catering, yoga, Qi Gong and "Safari" excursions in the area.

You hire a fully installed Glam Camp Safari Tent with everything you will need for a exciting and comfortable stay:

  • Safari Tent in Glam Camp edition, fire resistent yet cotton type canvas, double layered roof for excellent sun and rain protection 25 square meters
  • king size bed (2x2meters)
  • bathroom: flushing toilet, hand wash basin, tub and shower, cold and hot water partly open air beside the tent and an historical wall
  • solar warm water system (in case the sun does not shine, warm water is provided electrically (eco electricity)
  • spacious wooden deck (70square meters) keeps you dry from soil
  • you will love the canopy area that gives you the best of everything: between the cosy tent in your back and the open air and view in your front , protected from sun and rain you can just do for what you came here; relax


  • rustic Fireplace with Grill facilities and View to Gräfinburg
  • you can make your own Camp fire in a Fire Pit from "Solo Stove"

               please respect our fire-Policy:

  • Fire is only permitted with the solo stove Fire Pit, don´t use your own fire bowls or grills
  • be cautious with open fire
  • only start the fire in no wind condition
  • please don´t put more wood on the fire after 23:00 o clock
  • during drought weather condition no fire is allowed


Our glam camp is on the outskirts of the village of Traben Trarbach with about 6000 inhabitants. The tent is made of thin canvas, the canvas. Please be prepared for a background noise with immediate experience of nature and distant village life. That means: they hear all the sounds of nature, the church tower bells, a little chew calls at 2 o'clock in the night ... All of this is part of an unforgettable glamping experience.

footprint minimizing

 In every detail of the facility we attach a lot of importance on providing you an authentic experience. Most of the objects of the facility are original or of high quality. We try to minimize ecological footprints, were ever we can. We use eco electricity coming from 100% renewable recources and we use sun for warm water.

region / possibilities

          The Moselle Valley wine region offers a lot of possibilities:

  • wine enjoyment at the winemaker
  • all summer there are wine festivals along the Moselle
  • Boat tours on the river by canoe, excursion boat or standup paddle
  • Hiking in the surrounding natural treasures of the Eifel and Hundsrück
  • Explore one of the oldest German cultural landscapes in the footsteps of Celts and Romans who brought wine to the Moselle Valley
  • ideal location for day trips to neighboring cities like Trier, Luxembourg, Metz, Saarbrücken
  • Day trips to other countries such as France, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg

Events / Festivals

Please check the dates of events and festivals in Traben Trarbach  In case you come here to be part of the party, it´s perfectly fine. But if you come here to enjoy the silence at night please take in consideration it can get quite noisy among these events and they can take place until deep in the night, when you might want to get some sleep. The loudest events are already blocked in the calendar from our side.


If you need some assistance in choosing the right date

for your perfect stay, let us help you and get in touch with us.